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The most advanced calcium silicate plate automatic production line put into operation

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December 11, Building Materials Industrial Park of Yiling District Huanghua township flags flying may sound, the festive scene. Yichang Hongyang New Materials Co., Ltd. invested 530 million yuan to build the calcium silicate board the project is completed. Yiling District Committee to Hong Xing, Yiling District leadership as well as from dealers across the country to witness this momentous occasion. Participants site visit the the JEN completion of the calcium silicate board production line. In the subsequent products to promote the meeting, Yiling District Committee to Hong Xing and general manager of new materials, Yichang Hongyang Shao high as well as dealer representatives delivered speeches respectively.

Said in his speech to the Hong Xing, Hongyang calcium silicate board project put into operation, Yiling District, optimize resource allocation, adjusting the industrial structure, enhance the competitiveness of the regional core of great significance. JEN new materials will also become the country's largest calcium silicate board production base and export enterprises, but also marks the Yichang Hongyang Group has entered a new development stage. I hope Yichang JEN seize the opportunity to accelerate the development of enterprises through years of efforts to build the adult with sales of over $ 1.5 billion leader. General Manager of Yichang Hongyang Shao high calcium silicate board projects and products on Hong Yang and new materials were introduced.

It is understood that the Yichang Hongyang New Materials Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 60 million square meters of calcium silicate board production projects in Yiling District government in 2010 focused support construction projects, total investment of 531 million yuan. Which calcium silicate board & P 30 million square meters, 7.5 million square meters of the ceiling of the printed map, a perforated ceiling of 7.5 million square meters, 15 million square meters of painting board. Board and board production line are used the most advanced automatic production lines; products of the small plate production line embossing, printing, embossed, perforated sound absorption and sound insulation of five series; coating production lines using high-precision automatic painting production line, products to meet the medical operating room and sterile ward high-grade clean room use. The project has three major advantages: First, single-line production scale up to produce 800 million square meters, is currently the largest single line scale, critical production processes and equipment levels are first class, smooth processes, advanced equipment; two of the line using the most common mold a board process to ensure that the plate flatness and appearance quality; is mature headbox system board technology, the full guarantee of the stability of the production control. Board production line, pipeline operations, design, produce all of the small plate products to meet market requirements.

The entire project in two phases, a project with a total land of nearly 300 acres, the total plant area of ​​nearly 15,000 square meters, has the two most advanced automatic production lines, annual production capacity of 1200-1600 ten thousand square meters of large-sized board. One of the project will also be supporting an automatic board processing production line built is expected to be completed by April 30 next year, the annual production capacity of 3 million square meters of small size boards.

After the completion of the two projects, Yichang Hongyang New Materials Company will become the largest, the best product is the most complete calcium silicate board production base and export enterprises, and thus change the pattern of the current domestic production of calcium silicate boards.

New modern production plant

General Manager of Yichang Hongyang Shao introduced the item

Statements were made by the dealer on behalf of

Dealers from all over the country attended the project put into production and product launches

Driving the factory district of a large truck loaded with calcium silicate board

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