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In Yichang City, provincial and municipal people's congress deputies to inspect the projects of the calcium silicate board

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December 29, in Yiling District, more than 30 province and city people's congress under the leadership of the District Standing Committee and executive deputy director Zhang, deputy director Yang Gold, Yiling District, part of the key projects under construction inspection, the DeputyMayor Lize Gang accompanied the inspection.

Zhou Hong, Group Chairman of the Group to attend inspections as the city people's congress

Mechanization of production workshop production of calcium silicate board project

On behalf of the region's key projects fully affirmed

Provincial and municipal people's congress deputies Wherever he went, in-depth construction site and workshop premises, to look into safety measures, rules of operation and construction schedule. During the inspection, the representatives of the key projects in construction work and fully affirmed the recommendations of the district Party committees and governments at all levels to continue to adhere to the "big investment, recruit big business, big on projects on large projects of philosophy, more project-oriented investment strength, speed of construction, the tax amount, the level of environmental protection and the technology is highly, and strive to improve the quality of the project, the regional economic take-off driven projects. 

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